Is it hard to be a vegan?

Is it hard to be vegan after all? I asked this question to four vegans who also identify as activists for the cause in Brasilia (Brazil), and it seems that finding something to eat is not the difficult part of veganism, so what will it be? In these eight minutes compiled from the conversations I had with these four enlightened people, you discover the greatest difficulty of veganism and then you can evaluate whether it is worth living a life that respects animals or to continue blindfolded, as Lara says.

The interview is subtitled in English, so don´t forget to activate the right subtitles before pressing play. Let us know if you identified with these concerns.

The interviewed can be found on Instagram as:

Bernardo Feitosa @okjo.vejelacteos

Lara Kuerten @lara_vegana

Benailton P. de Souza @benailtonps

Vegano Vitor @veganovitor

Vitor Schietti

Vitor Schietti

For nearly a decade, while vegetarian, I used to think it would be very hard to go vegan, now I think it´s very hard not to be one.

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