Interview with Vegano Vitor

Vitor Schietti leads a relaxed chat with Vegano Vitor, focusing on topics such as vegan activism, liberal veganism and popular veganism, the modification of the taste after some time as a vegan and the social life of a vegan… with the total time of 1h and 3 minutes the interview was cut in two parts, the part 1 is subtitled in English, part 2, right below, will be also available in English soon.

Have you ever wondered what it is to do activism for veganism? Tell us if you agree with the points of view raised in that conversation in the comments below.

part 1

part 2

Other channels and websites mentioned during the conversation:



Vegano Vitor 


Anonymous for the Voiceless


Vegetal Vermelho



Vitor Schietti

Vitor Schietti

When killing is the norm, investigating and exposing the truth is necessary.

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