We want to seed Empathy and let it seed itself further and further. Our investigations and artistic expressions address the many questions veganism rises, as well as the many solutions we’ll find along the way, together.





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Vitor Schietti​

(1986, Brasília, Brasil)

Artist, experienced photographer and videomaker, Schietti moved from Brasília (Brazil) to Barcelona (Spain) in 2017, where he gained experience as manager of Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture for 3 years. Ovo-lacto Vegetarian for nearly a decade, only in 2019 Schietti went vegan as he realized how much misinformation he was subjected to before taking this empathetic step. Helping other people make the same realization through the power of information and empathy and a twist from the arts drove Schietti to found The Vegan Utopia.

Julia Ferrari

(1989, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cultural manager. She works in art galleries and independent educational projects. Her main interest is transformative projects that appeal to sensitivity, ideas, and working together to question the present. She draws and writes permanently. Veganism today is part of her identity and her view with the world.

Victor Braga

Nutritionist since 2006, Victordreams of changing the current paradigm of nutrition to a systemic integrative approach. In 2009, he idealized the Brazilian Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IBNI) to promote research and treat people in their many aspects: biological, cognitive, social, ecological and spiritual. Master in Health Sciences and Technologies by UNB, in the nanotechnology area with a focus on diagnosis and prevention. Specialist in Sports Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Ayurvedic Medicine, Advanced Iridology Research, Organic and Rayid Iridology, Iridea Microsemiotics and with courses in Neurolinguistic Programming, Biomolecular Medicine and Metabolomics (University of Birmingham).


(2000, Porto, Portugal)

Nurse, animal rights activist

Vegetarian for 3 years, in 2021 I did Erasmus in Barcelona where I learned, through groups like

Barcelona Animal Save and the Plataforma Antiespecista de Barcelona, about veganism as an

ethical position that fights for animal liberation.

By becoming aware of the impact my actions have on others, I became a vegan and an activist.

My goal is to learn more and more about how we can fight speciesism, contributing to the end of

this oppression.