Art is a powerful tool for transformation, and what greater transformation is there than turning the world vegan? Get inspired by our curated online exhibitions celebrating veganism through visual arts.

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At The Vegan Utopia we exercise an expanded vision of what a project for the dissemination of veganism may imply, which in addition to food discrimination at its fundamental level, is a choice and a way of seeing life. In this perspective, The Vegan Utopia includes the artistic projects considered related to our research.


Lucia Rivero works with a fundamental and little explored element. The natural surfaces, sheets and fabrics where we can trace the story of a living being. The skin, the leather, the limbo. There, with a macro lens, we can see the connections and the mechanisms of survival and growth. Patterns that we can recognize in the ribs of a leaf, in the avenues of a city, in the ribs under our skin. This vital organ is where Lucia’s research lives. Her works guide us to recognize ourselves in the Anthropocene and to open conversations with other non-human kingdoms.

The blue veins

Into the green she walks barefoot, revealing in the waking state what for her is silence. Stripping off the crowds, feeling like water and giving herself shape, she walks to lose herself, anonymously.  


She sleeps on the damp earth and understands in a volatile way: how a bird ceases to be called a bird, how a tree ceases to be called a tree, to become something else. Language is no longer the trait and her perception opens up to a deep, uninhabited, free dimension.


Its indomitable body of steady walk creates a groove in which time stops running in a straight line and minutes dry in the sun. There is only the humidity of what has just started, a chance without directions, a break with a pulse.


She can feel her large, oceanic hands and touch her veins. Think of the beam of her expansive gaze as a blue artery, tapering into two rivers that meet somewhere on Earth.

Sofia Pal

Sofia Pal


Artist´s statement

Reflecting on our origins and investigating the meaning and relationship between nature and humans has been a fundamental piece in my work, since it is deeply related to my personal history. Also linked with my childhood, my bond with animals and the dual but fascinating relationship with my own skin. This has been a recurring theme in my life since I was aware, my greatest fears and emotions were reflected as the limit with the outside world manifesting itself every day in me.


I work with painting, digital collage, installations and art objects. I am creating materials from natural organic and bioplastic pigments, which I use to represent different types of skin and beings, being a translucent, textured and biodegradable material. I create a living, sensitive and natural work in all its aspects.


I see the skin as a transforming element, a seasonal being that is constantly renewed from flourishing to blemished, then callous and back to healthy, always leaving its scars. The endless and uncontrollable healing cycle is a process that continues to repeat itself around us, not only present in our skin, but in nature itself.

Lucia Rivero

Lucia Rivero


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