Information to foster empathy

We believe in the spread of information to create empathy. We offer the building blocks of a new society with the vegan philosophy at its core. We do that by creating and curating articles, photo and video essays, hosting art exhibitions and offering courses.

Animal Rights
Vitor Schietti

Animal Individuality

If each animal carries a personality, what is there to say about all the animals we only recognise as resources?

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We believe in the power of art to provoke change. We are home to the Vegan Art.

Explore the exhibition “Edd Carr reframing root metaphors”, by a British artist who employs alternative methods of photography to question the ways we perceive the natural world. 

We’re on the lookout for our next featured artist.

Send us your portfolio.


The first of a series of courses to help the world shift into a vegan society, starting with you. We cover all the Whys and Hows to go vegan while bringing you quality information and proposing a series of exercises that will facilitate the challenges ahead.

The course is on its final adjustments and it will be first launched in Portuguese and Spanish in February 2021. English version is due to May as it will gather feedback from the first edition on the other two languages.


Improving as we go, together.

Life-time access

Once purchased the course you have access to all future updates as well as future courses such as "Ahmsa and Permaculture creating community", "Animal Portraiture Mastery through painting & photography", "Bringing objects back to life - tools to help farmers into a vegan transition", and others


As part of our global mission, the course will be available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Not subtitled, actually recorded on the three languages so it can reach more people in more places

Learn at Your Own Pace

The course is structured in the sections "Why, "Nourishment", "Lifestyle" and Activism", brought to you through over 40 videos. We recommend 3 weeks, but you may take your time, there's no expiration on your access.

Professional Team

Apart from passionate vegan activists and researches, our team counts with an ayurvedic nutritionist responsible for all nutricional facts and tips that will ensure your transition to veganism is well informed, based on science

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